Introduction to SQL: 4 Weeks, Part-time


Every business professional interacts with and consumes data on a day-to-day basis. The data you need to make decisions often comes from many places, whether from a spreadsheet, a CRM report, or an extract from a database. Having the tools at your disposal to effectively and efficiently extract, blend, and analyze this data without always relying on technical partners is key to success in many of the most sought after analytical business roles. 

This course trains students how to properly clean, research, and analyze data by querying and manipulating data in a SQL database. The concepts taught through that lens are applicable in many other scenarios, including the day-to-day of a variety of more technical business functions. In addition to instructor-led discussions and activities, this course utilizes paired programming to ensure learning is comprehensive and collaborative.

This class is a great fit for anyone who:

  • Has a basic working knowledge of Microsoft Excel/Google Sheets (e.g., simple charts/graphs, sorting, absolute vs. relative references, etc.), and basic formulas (e.g., SUM, AVERAGE, MAX, MIN, COUNT, etc.)
  • Works frequently with spreadsheets and wants to take their efficiency, accuracy, and analytical capabilities to the next level
  • Wants to stop relying on engineering, business/sales operations, analytics partners to extract data out of business intelligence systems (e.g.,, Teradata, Redshift, Oracle, MySQL etc.)
  • Wants the technical skills to improve in their current role or land a highly analytical / data-driven role (e.g., sales operations, business operations, business analytics, marketing operations, marketing analytics, product manager, etc.)

This class is not a great fit for anyone who:

  • Is new to Excel/spreadsheets or don’t aspire to use spreadsheets regularly for data analysis
  • Aspires to be a database administrator or learn how to setup and maintain a relational database
  • Wants a crash course in advanced financial modeling. We cover some modeling best practices, but it’s not a focus.


Jonathan Krangel is passionate about helping organization use their data to make better business decisions. He has served in various technology, operations and sales roles for Deloitte Consulting, Credit Suisse, LinkedIn, Clever and a variety of asset management firms. Jonathan has extensive business analysis experience with industry standard tools such as Excel, SQL,, Tableau, and many others. Jonathan has also built award winning analytics products, including the most widely used sales enablement and territory management tool at LinkedIn globally in 2015.

Jonathan has a B.A. in Finance from the University of Maryland and an MBA from the University of California - Berkeley. When Jonathan is not building cool technology you can find him installing IoT gadgets in his apartment, hanging out in San Francisco/New York, and attempting to learn how to cook.

The Online Experience


"Virtually identical" to the in-person class

  • Two live meetings per week provide accountability
  • All classes are also recorded, so you can play them back later
  • Weekly 1-1 office hours with the instructor
  • Small classes in a team environment with other new coders
  • Classroom chat group for discussing homework questions
  • Highly structured challenge-based curriculum
  • Less time commuting means more time for learning

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Tuition & Benefits

You pay: $1,299


Partnerships with coding schools allow us to offer discounts of up to $1,299 toward their tuition. For example, if you join Startup Institute's full-time program after completing this course, you'll receive a $1,299 tuition credit toward Startup Institute. See the Partners page for our growing list of partner programs.