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San Francisco

Rithm School was founded by three top instructors from Galvanize and General Assembly who joined together around a commonly held set of beliefs for an ideal learning environment:

  • Small class sizes. They maintain a 1:4 ratio of teachers to students to keep a very close connection to every student.
  • Quality student experiences and outcomes are more important than rapid scaling. It's very clear from speaking with the founders that they care about student outcomes more than any quick business wins.

Rithm School's immersive program lasts four months, with the final month dedicated entirely to career support via Outco.

First Step Coding alumni who enroll at Rithm School will receive a $1,500 credit toward their tuition.


Austin, Los Angeles, NYC, onLINE, San Francisco

Founded in 2012, Hack Reactor is a 12-week immersive coding school providing software engineering education, career placement services, and a lifelong network of professional peers. After 800+ hours of curriculum, students graduate as full-stack software engineers and JavaScript programmers.

During the first six weeks at Hack Reactor, students learn the fundamentals of development, JavaScript and are introduced to developer tools and technologies. In the final six weeks, students work on both personal and group projects. Job preparation is integrated into the curriculum, and students will build an online presence, resume and LinkedIn profile by graduation.

Hack Reactor’s immersive program is known for its exceptional quality and for demanding a starting skill set beyond that of a beginner. This makes First Step Coding a great option for preparing for admissions and the program.

Hack Reactor places alumni in mid-to-senior level positions at companies in tech, including Google, Salesforce & Microsoft, with an average graduate salary of $105K (2017 San Francisco student outcomes survey; 81% survey response rate).

First Step Coding alumni who enroll in Hack Reactor will receive a $1,000 credit toward their tuition.


Boston, Chicago, Washington DC

Coding Temple was founded in 2014 with the fundamental goal of preparing students for the most in-demand development jobs in the industry through an in-depth, accelerated curriculum.

Coding Temple provides an intensive, portfolio-based curriculum in order to prime eager applicants with the skills needed to enter the Web Development job market.

Through a mixture of interactive group discussions, hands-on-exercises, and individual projects, participants gain competency in skills such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, C#, T-SQL, AngularJS, Git, ASP.NET MVC, and Entity Framework.

All of their courses are delivered by experienced instructors, and they maintain a low student-to-faculty ratio. These two factors are paramount to effectively communicating our course material in a short amount of time.

They also work with students to develop “soft skills”, and assist them in finding and interviewing for potential job opportunities, ensuring them a long and successful career as web developers.

First Step Coding alumni who enroll at Coding Temple will receive a $2,000 credit toward their tuition.


Boston, Charlotte, Seattle, Silicon Valley, ONLINE

Level was founded in 2015 out of Northeastern University with a focus on teaching people the technical skills needed for working with data to solve business problems.

Their data analytics course curriculum includes mastering tools in statistical programming, data-driven analysis, and data visualization. Students then apply concepts by completing real case studies and projects with employers.

They also offer a course on the Internet of Things, which goes from reviewing hardware, sensors and wireless devices to understanding IoT clouds and fog computing. This course also includes a capstone project for applying the skills learned in a real world setting.

In addition to their coursework, they also provide professional development opportunities through having industry speakers, site visits, and resume and interview workshops.

First Step Coding alumni who attend one of Level's courses will receive a $1,500 credit toward their tuition.


Austin, Boulder, Denver, Phoenix, San Francisco, Seattle

Galvanize offers 12 and 24-week coding bootcamps in web development and data science with campuses in Austin, Boulder, Denver, Phoenix, San Francisco, Seattle and New York City. The web development bootcamp covers full stack JavaScript including AngularJS, Node.js, and Express.js. The data science bootcamp covers Python, SQL, and Hadoop. Galvanize also partners with the University of New Haven to offer a one-year Masters of Engineering in Big Data.

Perhaps most unique about Galvanize is their "integration of education and industry." What this really means is that they're a co-working space in addition to a coding school. They lease out a portion of their space to local companies (often startups), so this facilitates a lot of casual collisions between companies between freshly training software engineers and companies looking to hire.

* First Step Coding alumni who attend one of Galvanize's immersive programs will receive a $1,500 credit toward their tuition.

* This credit applies only to the above locations.

Boston, Philadelphia, Online

Launch Academy offers a 10-week immersive program for becoming a full-stack software engineer. You'll learn through a challenge-based curriculum with an emphasis on pair programming. The abundance of pairing stations we saw on their campus made it clear they practice what they preach. It also makes sense when you notice their VP of Engineering came from Pivotal Labs, a company renowned for their influence on software engineering practices.

You'll learn and practice test-driven development in JavaScript, React, Ruby, Rails, SQL, HTTP, HTML, CSS + a handful of libraries and APIs. For the final two weeks of the program, you'll work on your own team capstone project with support from your teachers.

Based on their educational model and high placement rate, we're confident you'll be in good hands when you join Launch Academy. First Step Coding's course is not a required precursor, but it can certainly help you start their program with a leg up and give you a taste of learning through a challenge-based curriculum.

First Step Coding alumni who attend one of Launch Academy's in-person programs will receive a $1,500 credit toward their tuition.

Launch Academy also offers a $500 credit toward their online program exclusively for First Step Coding alumni.


Online, NYC

Flatiron School's online web developer program takes everything they’ve learned over years of honing the NYC in-person bootcamp and brings it online. In their program, you’ll collaborate with students and instructors across the world, get hands-on with professional developer tools, and build the skills (and portfolio) you’ll need to become a Web Developer.

You'll master core topics like HTML & CSS, Javascript, Node.JS, React, and Ruby on Rails, and learn soft skills like how to work on a dev team and efficiently learn new languages to stay tech-relevant.

They have a great program and stand behind it with a guaranteed job model, which is why they have dedicated career services and a 98% job placement rate to help ensure you find a good job coming out of their program. 

First Step Coding alumni who attend Flatiron School's Online Web Developer Program will receive a $1,500 credit toward their tuition.

No credit is offered for their in-person program.

Orange County

Redwood Code Academy is an intensive full-stack software development bootcamp located in Orange County, CA. Technologies taught include HTML, CSS, Javascript (Including AngularJS and React), .NET, C# and SQL. 

Redwood Code Academy covers full stack software development, with a focus on web application, but also includes mobile applications, desktop applications and cloud services. The Academy focuses on real world skills training by helping students learn the fundamentals of full stack development, work in teams to build a portfolio and gain the skills necessary to interview and land that dream job. Full-time and part-time courses with financing options are available.

First Step Coding alumni who enroll at Redwood Code Academy will receive a $1,500 credit toward their tuition.

Boston, New York

Startup Institute hosts immersive programs with concentrations in web development, web design, digital marketing, and sales. Their programs feature a unique crossover component where you collaborate with students across the four disciplines. SI also offers extensive career support, and many graduates say the network growth from this program might the greatest value.

First Step Coding alumni who enroll at Startup Institute will receive a $1,500 credit toward their tuition.

San Francisco, New YorK

App Academy offers a 12-week program for becoming a web developer. App Academy was one of the first bootcamps to offer a "success-based" tuition model, and their tuition is currently 22% of your first year's salary. 

Since App Academy started 4 years ago, over 1,700 graduates have been placed at top tech companies.

First Step Coding alumni who enroll at App Academy will receive a $500 credit toward their tuition at App Academy.