What is a bootcamp prep course?

Top tier bootcamps have rigorous interview processes. You are expected to be able to solve coding problems on the fly in order to be admitted. Bootcamp prep courses are designed to teach programming basics to absolute beginners and prepare them for interviews. The experience is also designed to give you a glimpse of what programming is really like on a part-time basis before you fully commit to a full-time program.

This article provides a more detailed explanation and a list of prep courses.

Why do you say you are "UNiversal" and "Unbiased"?

There are other bootcamp prep courses on the market, but most are attached to schools that also provide an immersive course. These prep courses are essentially funnels into immersive programs, and there's always going to be an inherent bias for a business to direct you toward their own programs.

First Step Coding focuses exclusively on introductory coding, so we are optimized for it, and we have no interest in selling you on our own continuation course. We bring in alumni from a variety of coding schools to give you a truly unfiltered and unbiased view of the landscape. 

Who are the teachers?

Each location has different teachers, but all of our instructors have technical training through either a university or bootcamp, and they have all worked professionally as software engineers. Find your location's page in the navigation bar for details on your group's instructor and TA.

What will I learn?

You'll learn the basics of programming in JavaScript, the widely used language of the web. You'll also learn how to dissect problems like an engineer and think algorithmically. Most of what you learn will be transferrable across many other programming languages. 

We also do field trips to bootcamps and host guest alumni from coding schools. You'll be an expert on the bootcamp scene at the end of the four weeks.

For more details, you can download the syllabus here.

What is the class size?

No more than 12 people per class. For groups larger than five, we'll have both an instructor and teaching assistant present, maintaining a 1:5 or better ratio of teachers to learners.

When and where do we meet?

We meet two evenings per week from 6:30pm - 9:30pm. Details for each location can be found at the top of their respective page.

Homework is assigned between each meeting, and you'll have support even outside the classroom from two instructors and your peers on a Slack group.

What Happens if I have to Miss a Class?

If you have to miss just one class, we will work with you to get you caught up. We'll share notes, screen captures, and meet with you over Screen Hero before the next class starts.

If you know you'll have to miss multiple classes, we recommend you wait for a later course offering.

What does it cost?

$1,499 - $2,000, depending on the location. See your location's page for details.

For some immersive coding programs, partnerships allow us to give you a credit back of up to $1,500 toward their tuition. See the Partners section for more details.

This sounds great, but can I get to know you better first?

Sure! We'd love to chat. Our staff reserves a portion of their time for simply advising new coders. You can book a free 15 minute call with an advisor right here

We also host frequent free Meetups that are great opportunities to meet our instructors. We have active groups in San Francisco, Boston, Silicon Valley, and New York