Corporate Training

Case Study:

In April 2017, First Step Coding instructors came onsite to to train seven members of the QA team on fundamentals of programming and introduce them to web development patterns in a Node-based stack. Most members of the team had no prior programming experience. The team met for eight three-hour training sessions. Practice problems were also assigned between sessions.


  • All participating team members are now "code literate" in JavaScript. They have a deeper understanding of the functionality beneath the software products they verify, and they have first-hand experience encountering root causes of common software defects.
  • The line between front-end and back-end is clearer for the team, and they are now equipped to more accurately pinpoint root causes in bug reports and effectively reduce engineering costs across teams.
  • This was already a tight-knit team, but the experience of learning to code together through a pair-programming driven curriculum brought them even closer together.
  • Two team members will be transitioning from QA into software engineering roles.
  • Remaining team members are already applying their new skills by automating many of their manual test flows.
How can technical training transform your team?