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First Step Coding's primary program teaches students basic coding concepts in JavaScript and gives them the baseline competency and confidence to have more effective conversations about development and continue more in-depth learning.

Becoming technically literate is extremely important for people in non-technical roles who often interact with developers (product manager, development manager, QA). Having a baseline technical understanding enables them to be much more effective.

We ran our first on-site corporate training program ( Case Study) earlier this year and are looking to further develop curriculum that would be most useful in developing the technical skills of employees in non-development roles. Stripe has put together a great article on their experience with teaching non-technical people to code

We would like to hear from you about what type of technical training you think would have the largest impact and what corporations are most likely to invest in. Your feedback will allow us to prioritize the development of lesson plans and will help shape our sales and marketing strategies. 

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Do you see value in “technical literacy” training for your team or other teams you work with?
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What is an ideal format for corporate training? Select all that apply.
Is there an alternative you would recommend? Any additional comments on the ones you selected?
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Which topics would have the greatest impact on an employee's effectiveness? Select the top 6.
Are there other topics you think would be really useful? Any additional comments on the ones you selected?
There are a lot of factors to consider, but we would like to get some more insight into what a reasonable charge would be for what we are offering? Can you please provide your insights on that and make a recommendation?
Are you interested in providing additional feedback in the future?

Thank you so much for your time!

I'd love to have a follow up conversation over the phone. If interested, please schedule time with Kurt here: