Technical Assessment

This course does not require any prior coding experience, but we do need you to be very comfortable using a computer and thinking critically. You also don't need a perfect score to pass this assessment, so just give it your best shot. You can always re-take the assessment for a future cohort if you need to.


  1. Please take no more than 20 minutes to answer the questions below. If you haven't finished in 20 minutes, just submit what you have.
  2. Do not attempt to Google for answers to any of these questions or seek outside help. You are only cheating yourself if you are dishonest here.
  3. After you submit your answers, we'll notify you within two weekdays on how you did and our next steps.
  4. Have fun : )

Assessment Questions

What type of computer do you own, and when did you first start using a computer?
Which two keyboard shortcuts do you use most frequently?
4+1 = 5 2+6 = 13 3+4 = 20 5+7 = ??
A = 12 B = 25 C = 2 D = A (A+B) - (C*D) = ??
Question 5
All drum players have arms. All people who have arms have mohawks. Check all the apply:
Four cars are street racing in LA: Porsche beats the Ferrari Ferrari beats the Maserati Aston Martin beats the Porsche Order the cars from fastest to slowest:
Question 7
The fruit trees were badly ..… by the storm.
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