We offer technical training for individuals and teams. Our courses focus on the introductory level, but we have partnerships with a select group of coding schools that offer advanced options. Through these partnerships, all First Step Coding alumni can redeem up to $1,500 in tuition credits toward many of these programs. In some cases, this makes First Step Coding effectively FREE! You can check out our list of partners below and find more details on the partners page.

Coding Bootcamp to Career Path

Learning a new skill tends to follow an S curve. Our bootcamp prep course is designed to get you off the ground and through your first inflection point. You'll be able to read and write code using JavaScript, ready for technical interviews at top immersive programs, and have even launched your own website!

Learning to Code Opens Doors

  • Find new job opportunities at exciting companies
  • Build cool products you actually enjoy working on
  • Earn a high salary

A Bootcamp IS A Major INVESTMENT

  • Bootcamps last 3-9 months and cost $10k - $25k
  • It's a full-time commitment, so you'll forfeit wages while you learn
  • Landing your first coding job often takes 3-6 months after your training

You Should Fully Explore Coding Before you Commit

  • Some people find they love coding
  • Others decide it's not for them
  • Bootcamps can provide a tremendous value, but they are not all created equally


  • Become code literate in just 4 weeks
  • Classes are during evenings, so you don't have to quit your day job
  • We'll help you select and apply to the bootcamp that makes the most sense for you

We Do Things Differently.

Our classes are capped at just 12 students, and we maintain a 5:1 or better ratio of students to teachers. Hands-on pair programming exercises make up the bulk of class time. 

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