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Verified FSC alumni can redeem up to $1,500 in tuition credits at 10 partner schools.

Coding Bootcamp to Career Path

Learning a new skill tends to follow an S curve. Our courses are designed to get you off the ground and through your first inflection point. You'll be able to read and write code using JavaScript, ready for technical interviews at top immersive programs, and even coded your own website!


Why is a Prep Program Worthwhile?

Learning to Code Opens Doors

  • Find new job opportunities at exciting companies
  • Build cool products you actually enjoy working on
  • Earn a high salary

A Bootcamp IS A Major INVESTMENT

  • Bootcamps last 3-9 months and cost $10k - $25k
  • It's a full-time commitment, so you'll forfeit wages while you learn
  • Landing your first coding job often takes 3-6 months after your training

You Should Fully Explore Coding Before you Commit

  • Some people find they love coding
  • Others decide it's not for them
  • Bootcamps can provide a tremendous value, but they are not all created equally


  • Become code literate in just 4 weeks
  • Classes are during evenings, so you don't have to quit your day job
  • We'll help you select and apply to the bootcamp that makes the most sense for you

Student Reviews from

Erica Li

I had a blast in class! I loved that the majority of time was spent pair-programming. Coding is hard, so being able to work with another person helped my understanding of concepts through another person's eyes. Kurt, our instructor was also kind and incredibly patient.

Most importantly, I learned the fundamentals well enough to be able to apply to some top bootcamps. I got into my first choice and will be starting in the fall. I couldn't have done it without FSC!"

Accepted at Flatiron School

James O'Reilly

"I took the NYC class this past June, and it was a great introduction into JavaScript.

Kurt explained the fundamentals clearly, and was always available before and after class to provide extra help. The best part about this course was how it focused less on syntax and more on the problem solving approach needed to start tackling coding challenges. Before taking this class I was very new to coding. After completing the course I was accepted into 3 bootcamps. This course delivers what it promises and then some."

Accepted at Fullstack Academy

Lavina Lim

In my opinion, the best part of this course is the fact that it not only explains JavaScript fundamentals, but Kurt provided the resources and material to keep moving forward and learning more on your own, even if you don't plan on going to a bootcamp, etc. As somebody who plans on continuing my coding practices independently, this is a great asset.

I highly recommend First Step Coding to anybody who wants to start coding confidently. It was a fantastic, incredibly helpful course taught by great people!

University Student

Jake Holtz

"Designed for those with zero experience in computer programming— over the course of the 4 weeks FSC provides a clear, organized, and straightforward introduction on the basics. FSC is unique as an introductory course in its immersive and networking-based class model. With FSC you dive in from day one — working both with peers and teachers while getting the chance to tour and network with people at several bootcamps."

Accepted at Hack Reactor
(3% acceptance rate)

Ibukun Olude

"Lucky to have discovered First Step Coding’s 4-week Bootcamp Prep. I immediately felt I was in a team environment. The course structure is organized and includes visits by guest speakers from various bootcamps. Andy and Michael complement each other well in teaching style. They are excited to introduce you to coding and are genuinely supportive of you taking this skillset as far as you want to go."

Accepted at General Assembly

Ralph Turlington

"I was interested in a career change, but I did not have any coding experience. Without giving up my day job, I participated in First Step Coding. The program brought me from a total novice to a confident, amateur developer.

I’m now motivated to pursue additional training and a full-time career as a developer."

Accepted at App Academy
(<5% acceptance rate)

Accepted at Galvanize Data Science

Available Both Online & in-person

No prior coding experience required.
Just 2 minutes to get started.